Friday 23 July 2021

Software combines digital measurement data management and SCADA.

The topic of measurement, secure access to measurement data, secure storage of measurement data as well as the visualisation and analysis of such data poses ever-increasing challenges. Among other things, this is also driven by increasingly strict IT guidelines, growing complexity of infrastructures and data protection. And all this comes in the context of rapid digital market dynamics.

The goal: Simplify the world of measurement data
Camille Bauer Metrawatt introduces the innovative SmartCollect® SC² HMI/SCADA software for managing data in a user-friendly way. Unlike some other SCADA software tools in this category, SmartCollect® SC² is based on a new state-of-the-art platform with a visually appealing 2D/3D web-based graphical user interface. The simplicity, functionality, flexibility along with the price-performance ratio are convincing.

A look at the system architecture
Essentially, it is a web-based HMI that does not require a complicated client-server architecture. The advantage is obvious. The security of the IT infrastructure stays in the hands of the user and is not affected by how a user software accesses the HMI. The user runs the application via WebGUI and the application is monitored using role-based access control (RBAC) and an AuditLog. According to the customer-specific configuration, measurement data is securely stored on a server, locally or in the cloud, and retrieved for visualisation by the web-based HMI at the frontend. In addition, many common communication protocols are available for system integration.

Deliberate simplicity despite high performance is the order of the day
Innovative functionalities are at the heart of SmartCollect® SC². For example, infrastructural overviews of measurement data can be displayed in 2D or 3D graphics as well as in single-line diagrams. A dashboard also enables you to evaluate progressions in the relevant measurement data, to analyse them with synchronised zoom functions and to derive possible trends from them. In addition to visualising events and alarms, there are export functions for the measurement data. A big plus of the software is the access to individual measuring points from the HMI of the SmartCollect® SC² directly into the respective WebGUI of the measuring devices. Here, necessary settings as well as further measurement data can be viewed and deeper analyses can be made or even individual processes can be represented graphically. Access in the Camille Bauer products is also protected against unintentional manipulation with further integrated protective functions such as RBAC, Client Whitelist, AuditLog, Syslog, Secure Firmware, 16GB SD card and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https). The customer can set up all the options described above flexibly. The user can implement user profiles in order to adapt them later to the corresponding users. A wide range of national languages are supported. The SmartCollect® SC² also offers a user-friendly option to process a wide variety of data including measuring devices and sensors from different manufacturers as well as virtual channels. Modern sharing, snapshot and playlist functions are also included.

The right version for every use case
There are currently 4 editions of SmartCollect® SC² available for the use cases. The Starter Edition is the best choice for smaller installations, while the Standard Edition, which comes in a Professional or an Enterprise Edition, is recommended for more than 10 measuring points. The software is then scaled to the number of measuring points and the required measurement data and optimally designed to fit the existing budget. In addition, the user is guided during the design phase in a way that makes it clear from the beginning what the software will look like and how it will function in the application. This is a big plus for creating transparency and efficiency during the offer or initialisation phase. At the same time, the software in each edition can be scaled up by taking into account any potential far-sighted adaptations and extensions. The software is used in energy distribution applications as well as in industrial and commercial infrastructures. It is therefore a good all-rounder for many areas, especially where a particular measuring unit is taken into account.

• Camille Bauer products are marketed in Ireland through Irish Power & Process.

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