Monday 26 July 2021

Final effluent monitoring.

Meteor Communications has been awarded a multi-year shared framework agreement by Scottish Water for the provision of multi-parameter wastewater quality final effluent monitoring. The contract has an estimated value of £2 million (€2.34m) and follows a competitive tendering process which began in November 2020.

ESNet Kiosk System
Bidders were invited to tender for the supply of monitoring systems that are well suited to continuous remote monitoring of final effluent. Flexibility was required in terms of the monitoring parameters; the systems should be able to operate on low (ideally solar) power in a turbulent final effluent discharge. Secure access to cloud-based data was a key requirement, in addition to minimal levels of maintenance.

The data provided by the systems will allow operators to better understand plant performance and resilience, and provide further insights into performance trends, events and pollution incidents.

Following the contract award, Meteor Communications will supply ESNET (Environmental Sensor NETwork) portable and kiosk systems in conjunction with Xylem EXO multiparameter sondes to measure final effluent water quality. The ESNET systems met the tender requirements and are ideal for this application. Meteor’s MD Matt Dibbs explains: “Historically, the installation cost and on-site maintenance requirements of final effluent monitors at smaller wastewater plants have been preclusive, but the development of ESNET systems has meant that water companies can now equip smaller rural plants with a comprehensive monitoring capability.

“There are hundreds of ESNET systems delivering water quality data from all over the UK, providing customers with high-resolution, real-time, accurate data to manage their resources with greater confidence.

“In addition to fixed applications, portable ESNETs can also be deployed in minutes; providing users with the opportunity to easily move the monitors from site to site in order to conduct short-term investigations and assessments.”

This contract award builds on the existing ESNET network in place with Scottish Water which is already providing data that can be viewed securely using the MeteorCloud™ portal on a tablet, PC or smartphone. The Meteor Data Centre is integrated with Scottish Water SCADA as well as upcoming platforms to deliver a futureproof solution.

As part of the framework, Meteor will provide training to Scottish Water personnel to build a comprehensive knowledge base around water quality monitoring to enhance understanding of works performance.

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