Tuesday 27 July 2021

Subtle streaks and defects based on colour.

AMETEK Surface Vision is to take part in TAPPICon’s* TechTalk program next month (Aug 2021) before attending the pulp and paper industry conference in October.

TechTalk is a series of webinars that allows expert presenters the opportunity to explain new technology, products, and services to the pulp and paper market in a seven-minute online show.

The AMETEK Surface Vision presentation will form part of TechTalk’s Improvement Analysis Category, which will begin on August 3 at 1 PM EST.

Volker Koelmer, the company’s Global Manager Plastic, Nonwovens & Paper, will discuss “Detection of Subtle Streaks and Classification of Defects Based on Color.”

Volker Koelmer said: “I’m very much looking forward to presenting this new technology to our peers in the pulp and paper industry and answering their questions. TAPPICon’s TechTalks provide the ideal opportunity to explain how we can accurately classify defects based on color, such as blood, insects, dye clumps v dirt, and more, reducing scrap material.”

This presentation will highlight AMETEK Surface Vision’s new coating applications inspection feature, which detects subtle streaks and classifies defects based on color. This allows faster, more accurate defect detection and classification, allowing immediate action to avoid scrap material being produced. There will be a live question-and-answer session at the end of the presentation, and the final webinar will be available to view on the TAPPICon event website until November.

In addition, AMETEK Surface Vision will provide the same presentation during the New Technology Showcase at TAPPICon between Oct. 3 – 6, in Atlanta, (GA USA).

* TAPPICon is the foremost pulp and paper industry conference in the US, and offers a comprehensive technical program, multiple networking opportunities, and exhibitions.

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