Thursday 8 July 2021

Monitoring scrubbers!

Environmentally harmful, corrosive or toxic gases are used in a large number of industrial processes. To protect people and the environment, the treatment of these gases is subject to strict regulations, in particular which purification criteria a gas scrubber must achieve.

Ensuring the complete conversion of toxic components while using scrubbing liquid efficiently is often a challenge for process engineers. The effectiveness of a gas scrubber depends on the exact dosage of the scrubbing liquid (for example: caustic soda).

To enable an exact determination of the concentration of the scrubbing liquid and the salts, two physical measurands have to be combined. Conventional measuring methods often map only one measurand and neglect the influence of the resulting salts. In addition, in many cases the process is monitored in a very time-consuming manner by sampling and titration.

The LiquiSonic® process measuring system analyzes from Sensotech both concentrations, that of the washing liquid and that of the salt, in real time. This allows exact dosing and adjustment of the washing liquid. The washing process thus becomes much more efficient and safer. Thanks to the explosion-proof inline measuring system, no intervention in the process is necessary. The exact concentration of the scrubbing liquid and the salt content are available at all times. Critical situations in which toxic and environmentally harmful gases could escape can be detected at an early stage by LiquiSonic® and countermeasures can be initiated in good time.

The maintenance-free measuring devices from SensoTech GmbH are very durable and can be easily integrated into the process control system. The automated documentation and various diagnostic tools provide a comprehensive analysis of the process and can be used for further improvements. LiquiSonic® reduces hazards for the environment and employees and ensures efficient, time-saving process analysis.

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