Tuesday 27 July 2021

Camera breaks through GigE barrier.

• 16 MP global shutter enables precise measurement of large objects
• Lossless Compression enables 60% higher FPS (from 7FPS to 12 FPS @ full resolution)
• High QE and low noise yield a low Absolute Sensitivity Threshold (4.1 photon AST)
• Superior quantum efficiency (69% QE @ 525nm)
• Excellent low-light performance (2.34 e- read noise)
• BSI pixels enable less expensive, more compact optics
• High sensitivity (High QE and Low AST) reduces lighting system requirements
• Replace multiple low-resolution cameras with this single high-resolution camera
The latest additions to the Teledyne Flir Blackfly S GigE camera lineup – the BFS-PGE-161S7M and BFS-PGE-161S7C deliver a high-resolution sensor in a compact form factor, superior price to performance ratio and exceptional low-light performance. The 16 MP Sony IMX542 (Pregius S series) features back-illuminated sensor pixel (BSI) technology, significantly improved quantum efficiency (QE), reduced pixel sizes, and enables the use of less expensive and more compact optics.

These new Blackfly S cameras also take advantage of Flir's new Lossless Compression feature, delivering up to 60% higher frame rates without compromising on image quality. This value driven combination enables further cost reductions by replacing several low-resolution cameras with a single unit, delivering higher frame rates, lower bandwidth utilization and lower lighting system requirements. 

These new Blackfly S global shutter cameras with BSI technology are suitable for a range of applications – from PCB and semiconductor inspections to metrology and scientific research among several others. 

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