Monday 5 July 2021

"T" is for Three or Triple.

The newAMC ® Series T connector from ODU-Connectors,  is even more rugged, sealed, proven reliable and offers unlimited possibilities. "Everything is possible" goes the aphorism, thus the customer may choose locking type, cable connection, size, insert and number of contacts. 
Three locking options fit on one connector or receptacle part: Push-Pull, Break-Away or Screw Lock. Additional security is provided by the built-in trapezoidal threaded locking.

Its strengths:

  • high vibration resistance
  • waterproof according to MIL standard 810
  • Sealed mechanical area, thus completely protected against water, dirt and dust
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Suitable for MIL backshell and MIL crimp contacts

The ODU AMC ® Series T connectors are available in two sizes and are compatible with standard backshells.

The ODU AMC ® Series T is suitable for use in military, security and communications applications. The connectors are field terminable. Thus they are time saving. Even the individual contacts can be replaced or repaired in the field. It couldn't be simpler for the operators. In addition, this connector offers protection against water, dirt and dust.

The new connector system is also suitable for civilian applications. Where "raw and rough forces" prevail, the ODU AMC ®Series T is used. Heavy construction machinery and agricultural vehicles are also exposed to high impacts. Vehicle and machine operators work in the field, in the forest, off-road, and encounter situations where they have to reconnect or repair or adjust the connector. This is exactly the situation that requires reliable, durable material that is easy to handle. Vibration resistant, waterproof, with easy handling, both in repair and assembly.

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