Wednesday 21 July 2021

Veterinary case study on laboratory information management system.

Autoscribe Informatics has released a new veterinary laboratory case study focusing on the benefits that Matrix Gemini LIMS has bought to Scone Equine Hospital. The LIMS is in daily use in the largest equine veterinary practice in Australia.

Explaining why Scone Equine chose Matrix Gemini LIMS the laboratory supervisor said “We ended up deciding on Matrix due to the flexibility that the system offered. Many LIMS are based around how pathology labs work, which to a degree covers what we do. However we work in the veterinary and thoroughbred industry and our clients have particular requirements on how they like things done. To accommodate that we had to have something more flexible than a traditional LIMS. We felt that Autoscribe could be adaptable in their approach and work with us to actually get what we wanted to meet our requirements”.

One of the key benefits from the introduction of a LIMS has been the increased level of automation. The integration of instruments with the LIMS ensures results are free of transcription errors and immediately available for review. Once approved, test results are automatically sent to the referring veterinarian or owner (depending on the rules defined in the LIMS), improving the level of customer service that the organization can offer its clients. The time savings realized from these changes alone has saved 2-3 hours a day during the equine breeding season, eliminating some of the burden of employing extra staff members during this busy period.

Improved visibility of samples awaiting test enables staff to provide more accurate updates to clients. Easy access to the test results along with results from historical testing quickly provides a holistic view of every equine patient.

“Our experience with Autoscribe Matrix LIMS has been excellent – more efficient, more accurate, more user-friendly. Following the initial engagement, the company devoted significant resources to understanding our business and requirements to ensure a smooth transition to the system,” said Cameron Collins, the Managing Director at Scone Equine. “Implementation of the system has resulted in improved efficiency for our team, a significantly enhanced search capability for our clients and increased accuracy of results due to reduction in data transcription errors.”

The comprehensive audit functionality supplied as standard with Matrix Gemini LIMS ensures that any changes to data, from registration to testing to approval, can be queried and tracked. Autoscribe Informatics and Scone Equine Hospital have worked as a team to configure several system changes and improvements since their initial implementation. This includes amendments to the way that microbiology results are entered, made possible without coding, due to the inherent flexibility offered by the Matrix Configuration Tools.

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