Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Leadership in Automation Body.

We noted the start of the elections for officers for the International Society of Automation (ISA) in early June. These are usually conducted on-line so the COVID-19 pandemic had little or no effect. The results have now been posted on the society website.

Carlos Mandolesi
Carlos Mandolesi is the newly elected President-Elect/Secretary for 2021 and President for 2022. He is originally from Brazil though he is now based in Dublin (IRL). He is very passionate about ISA and its vision of Creating a Better World Through Automation. He feels that there is a need to reduce the gap between strategy definition and strategy execution, to enable the achievement of this vision. He has been an ISA member for more than ten years holding various leadership positions within the society: Section Delegate, District 4 DVP, Division Director, co-founder of the new Smart Manufacturing and IIoT Division - and currently a member of the ISA Executive Board.

His professional journey includes jobs in Project Management, Six Sigma, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, and Information Technology and various leadership positions at General Electric (GE) and as an entrepreneur at Sigma Automation.

Carlos is currently a Portfolio Manager at Trinity College Dublin Programme Management Office (PMO). He has established a formidable reputation in a very short time - he moved to Dublin from his native land in late 2018. He has been instrumental in driving the implementation and adoption of the new PPM (Project Portfolio Management) system across college. “The PPM is a system to manage most projects and programmes in the college,” he said recently. It gives Executives, Sponsors, Programme and Project Managers near real-time information about their projects, and it gives PMO a bird’s-eye view of all ongoing projects with the necessary data to provide transparency and good governance. In 2019 he was nominated for the College Provost Award for his leadership in the project.

In this new position leading the International Society of Automation he crystallises his objectives using the three initial letters of the society - I.S.A.

- "I" International focus: we need to become a truly international society defining strategies to grow in our traditional markets (like the US and Canada) and high potential markets like India, Asia, Europe, Brazil and Latin America.

- "S" Society focus: We need to improve how our Society works, creating a growth, collaborative and agile mindset, offering more help to our Sections and Divisions to engage our membership and provide a better value proposition to them. I strongly believe that we need to give more attention to our members, including students and young professionals, as they are the reason we exist.

- "A" Automation focus: We need to become the leading automation association providing the best technical content (standards, publications, training and new services) to the automation market, expanding to new industries, markets and niches and making the bridge between traditional and emerging technologies.

It looks like the ISA, now celebrating its 75th birthday has an exciting and challenging future under his leadership.

The complete slate of officers elected this summer are listed here on the ISA website.

We wish them well in their labours for the discipline – Instrumentation, Systems and Automation.

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