Thursday, 23 July 2020

Website with richer insights into MES platform.

Aegis Software, a global provider of Manufacturing Execution Software (MES),has launched its all-new and redesigned website. The site features a streamlined design with easier navigation with a great deal more information providing a more comprehensive understanding of Aegis’ FactoryLogix® IIoT-based MES platform, its benefits to manufacturers, and how it delivers unique advantages.

This is a vibrant and engaging site which offers content-rich thought-leadership information to help any manufacturer, of any size, digitize manufacturing excellence, and stay up to date on trends and best practices.

“Our IIoT-based MES platform is very compelling and quite objectively unique in the market. We knew we needed to redesign our site to better reflect and communicate this to visitors and make clearer the benefits we deliver to manufacturers,” stated Jason Spera, CEO of Aegis Software. “This new site is well-timed as it launches during strong growth at Aegis in part driven by an unprecedented increase in market interest in MES and IIoT. This new website is just another example of our innovation, differentiation, and domain expertise that will further accelerate our growth by helping manufacturers better understand Aegis’ value compared to both legacy and the new ‘buzzword’ alternative approaches.”

“After many months of hard work and dedication from our team, we are excited to debut our new company website to our customers, partners, media, and visitors seeking to understand the breadth and depth of Aegis’ FactoryLogix IIoT-based MES platform. Visitors will also gain access to a rich repository of informative and educational content,” said Deb Geiger, VP Global Marketing, Aegis Software. “We believe this energetic and sleek redesign will provide an informative and engaging experience and clearly communicate our rich product capabilities and associated benefits to manufacturers.”

Aegis Software’s new website will also be available in German, French, Chinese, and Spanish and available in the upcoming months. The Company will continue to make regular updates on news, content, events, product, and industry information. Visitors to the new site can stay informed by subscribing to the online blog, which will also ensure you receive their quarterly newsletter that includes insights on how manufacturers can drive operational excellence.

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