Thursday, 16 July 2020

PC programmable transmitter.

Moore Industries has announced the new TMZ PC-Programmable MODBUS Transmitter with Dual Universal Input channels.

Moore Industries Instrument Panels and Systems engineering and design group is offering turnkey solutions for process, automation or Safety Instrumented System (SIS) monitoring and control. The company is expert in designing and building compact and modular solutions used to monitor temperature, pressure, level, flow and safety related processes with high performance instrumentation and components.

They can supply and assemble ready-to-install instrument sub-systems for your control and monitoring needs with instrumentation, cabinets, wiring, tubing, relays, and power supplies. Custom instrument panels, enclosures and systems offered by Moore Industries eliminate the need to specify, procure, and assemble multi-vendor instrumentation and hardware and pneumatic interface panels. The pneumatic systems feature Moore Industries’ industry standard rugged DIN-style I/P and P/I converters, solenoid valves, and pressure alarms.

Expert assembly is combined with the highest quality fittings, tubing, wiring, and gauges to ensure maximum performance with a long service life. All this comes with complete documentation, expert technical assistance, and the assurance that complete and thorough testing has been performed on all custom instrument panels and cabinets.

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