Friday, 17 July 2020

Flow by Bluetooth!

Krohne has introducee that Bluetooth™ Low Energy (BLE) option for all OPTIMASS x400 Coriolis flowmeters equipped with MFC 400 converter. In conjunction with the OPTICHECK Flow Mobile app (available for iOS and Android), this allows for device commissioning, verification, diagnostics and monitoring from a smartphone or tablet via secure wireless communication.

OPTIMASS with BLE are currently the only SIL certified mass flowmeters on the market allowing Bluetooth communication.

The BLE option can either be ordered as an option with new devices or retrofitted depending on the hardware revision of the converter. It allows for wireless operation over distances of up to 20 m/ 65 ft, e.g. for devices installed in inaccessible locations. Use in Ex Zone 1 is possible with suitable mobile devices.

The BLE option is available for Europe, approvals for USA, Canada, China and others are pending.

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