Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Three D printing plus.

The development team of the software provider CoreTechnologie has extended the innovative 3D printing software 4D_Additive with a new function: From now on, 3D printing components can be marked automatically with a new labeling tool. The traceability of the manufacturing position as well as an automated generation of unique and reliable identification numbers are important features to be used in a productive additive manufacturing environment.

The texture module of the latest 4D_Additive 1.2 version allows the rule-based and automatic creation of sequential identification numbers as labels on the parts. The numbers are created based on the position on the building platform. By this means, labeled components such as test specimen can be created without time-consuming manual work. The markings allow conclusions about surface quality or material properties depending on the position of the part on the building platform. The position of the markings can be defined as desired by using CAD models, so-called B-Rep solids. Multiple markings on one body or surface are possible, too.

The rules for generating the labeling depend on the position in X, Y or Z direction. In addition, automatically generated information about the respective part, such as center of gravity, manufacturing position, date or part size, can be used to generate ID numbers. Numerous other parameters for alignment, height or indentation and font size can be set. All installed Windows fonts are available.

In the next version of the software, which is expected to be launched in autumn 2020, it will be possible to read out image information such as QR codes or ID number codes from external tools and automatically apply as labels on 3D printing parts.

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