Monday, 13 July 2020

Analyser passes gas research specifications.

Applied Analytics has announced that their OMA-300 has passed and exceeded performance testing requirements by Natural Gas Research Institute, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation.

These standards included JJG 695-2003, GB/T 28766-2018 and GB/T 13966-2013 for performance verification of H2S analyzers in natural gas analytical systems. The testing included validation of the OMA-300’s accuracy, repeatability, sensitivity, measurement range, response time, zero drift and span checks.

As a result, Applied Analytics has signed an agreement to supply an H2S analyzer package to gas plants in Sichuan province. The approvals have expanded the market for the OMA-300 and gives our clients in China another option for H2S measurements in natural gas.

The OMA-300 has a proven track record in H2S applications in natural gas, biogas, refineries, sulfur recovery units and more with ranges from low ppm to high percent levels.

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