Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Bus newsletter reflects present crisis.

The latest issue (March 2020) of the CAN Newsletter has been distributed.

CiA have postponed the iCC 2020, and have withdrawn all face-to-face events. This includes CiA technical meetings, seminars, the CiA technology days in Spain, etc. Most of the CiA staff is now in home-office with just a few in the CiA office.

All online services are continued as usual. The CAN Newsletter is to be published as scheduled in early June. Product news will continue to be published almost daily online. The CAN Newsletter is a good opportunity to monitor developments in the CAN community.

The association has started selling the iCC 2020 proceedings. They contain all 22 papers and the keynote speech. They may be ordered from the CiA office and they will be distributed by email in PDF format.

CiA has additionally scheduled two free-of-charge webinars, in which Reiner Zitzmann and Holger Zeltwanger (MD_CiA) will present the trends provided in the iCC papers.

Regarding technical trainings, CiA is going to offer online in-house seminars. The agenda is customised. One session lasts three hours. If more time is needed, multiple sessions may be booked, which may be scheduled for different days.

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