Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Distribution centre on track!

Almost seven months after the groundbreaking ceremony for the new distribution center in Unterlenningen (D), Leuze offers an optimistic progress report: the construction is on schedule and expected. to be completed in mid-2020.

The new distribution centre
“New distribution logistics are necessary due to the company’s steady growth in recent years as well as the increasing global orientation,” explains Ulrich Balbach, Leuze’s CEO. This led to the commencement of a construction project at the end of June 2019 for a new, initially 4,000 square meter large distribution center in Unterlenningen, near Leuze’s headquarters in Owen am Teck. 

“With an initial investment in the double-digit millions, Leuze is clearly demonstrating its commitment to the region, its headquarters, and roots,” Balbach states. With this investment, Leuze sends a clear message with regard to growth objectives and future orientation.

Over 40,000 container spaces
More than half year after the groundbreaking ceremony, Leuze is offering a positive progress report: the construction project is on schedule. The foundation is complete and the building shell was completed just before the end of the year. The interior should be completed by the end of April. In the next step, the intralogistics systems will be installed by Gebhardt Fördertechnik, who was selected by Leuze as a partner for internal logistics and innovative material flow technology. The new distribution center is scheduled to start operations in mid-2020. From that date forward, all national and international Leuze customers and subsidiaries will be supplied from Unterlenningen. The center will provide more than 40,000 container spaces in the initial phase. In preparation for future growth, Leuze is already working on a master plan to further expand the holding area to the north.

Building concept
With a total footprint of 80x45 meters and a height of 10 meters, the new distribution center in Unterlenningen offers the space necessary for the logistics of the incoming and outgoing goods department, the automatic small parts-warehouse (AKL), as well as storage, picking, and dispatch. At the heart of the new building is the small parts-warehouse with a footprint of 65x10 meters and a height of 16 meters. The building and room concept is bright and inviting. Glass roof domes and attractive office workspaces allow employees to work in a bright environment flooded with daylight.

Sustainability and environmental protection
At Leuze, the environmental and quality policy is an integral aspect of the corporate strategy. With this new construction, Leuze is actively furthering ecology and sustainability: the distribution center will feature hydroseeding on the facade. In addition, numerous new trees will be planted on the Leuze property along Max-Leuze-Strasse. This ensures the new building’s complete integration into the landscape of the Lenninger Valley. An energy concept that meets the KfW55 standard was also developed for the new distribution center. This includes LED lighting and a photovoltaic system, among other things. It will provide heat and up to 220 kW of power. This will cover the entire energy demand during the summer months. For any additionally required external energy, resource-saving primary and secondary materials are used, meaning up to 100% certified green electricity from renewable energy sources. “Our goal is to keep the carbon footprint to a minimum,” says Balbach. “Leuze also uses DPD's CO2-compensated, climate-neutral shipping for letters and parcel shipments.”

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