Tuesday, 28 April 2020

75 Years leading in professional automation.

This year, ISA celebrates 75 years. ISA was established on 28 April 1945 in Pittsburgh, (PA USA)

It has spent those 75 years:

  • Advocating for the people and technology that move societies and economies forward.
  • Creating and supporting industries that power the world.
  • Providing and sponsoring difference-makers and risk-takers on whose shoulders we stand today.

Members, volunteers, and communities have supported ISA for 75 years. Their support, passion, and dedication ensure that ISA will spend the next 75 years advancing our vision – to create a better world through automation.

The Ireland Section was founded in 1977. Several members of the Ireland section have served in leadership roles in the society internationally. In 2017 Brian Curtis, a section member, served as International Society President.

Happy Birthday ISA

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