Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Cloud Functions for HART device.

ProComSol has  announced the addition of Cloud functions for the management of HART device configuration data. These Cloud functions are available now in the DevCom App for Android and iOS (Apple). The Cloud functions allow the user to save device configurations to a private Cloud account on the ProComSol servers. This provides data back-up, security, and the ability to share the configuration data plant-wide.

According to Jeffrey Dobos, President of ProComSol, Ltd, “HART device configuration data is extremely valuable for maintaining plant operations. When this data is available to whoever needs it, when they need it, plant operations become more efficient and reliable.”

A DevCom App user acting as an administrator can setup Groups and users as Members in the Groups. When the group member saves a device configuration using DevCom App, the data is automatically sent to the Cloud for storage. Once in the cloud, other members of the Group can view the saved configuration data from their DevCom App. This is helpful for many use cases including HART device replacement, audits, and device documentation.

A central repository of HART device data also reduces risk of data loss. Besides the clear benefit of a continuous data backup, when a user leaves the company, the configuration data does not leave with him. This is also useful for when a technician is not available due to vacation or illness, the device data is still available for others in the Group.

To enable the Cloud features, a DevCom license is required. The user then purchases the CLOUD-1YR, Cloud Subscription to access these features. Each Group member needs a subscription as well. One year subscriptions start at $200 (€183) for 20 saved configurations per user.

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