Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Acceptable measurements on PON.

The OLP-88S, from Laser Components, is the only certified device for acceptance measurements in Deutsche Telekom AG’s (DTAG) passive fibre optic network (PON). In ZTV43, the network operator prescribes this measurement set offered by Viavi Solutions for work on FTTH expansion.

“The current crisis shows how important broadband expansion is in Germany,”
 says Dr. Andreas Hornsteiner, head of the fibre optics business unit at Laser Components. “When millions of German citizens switch to home office all at once, the network must be ready for it. Quick and easy acceptance measurements can drive the rapid FTTH rollout.”

A standardized smartphone app from DTAG enables fast workflow-controlled pass/fail analyses according to predefined threshold values and test scenarios for non-optical fiber experts to carry out an acceptance test. The measured values are transferred directly into DTAG’s measurement protocol; this guarantees secure documentation.

The OLP-88S performs level measurements at 1490 nm. In combination with TruePON GPON data analysis, optical insertion losses can be measured during ongoing network operation. In addition, the device recognises all optical line terminals (OLTs) connected at the time of measurement. This ensures that a fiber with the appropriate attenuation is available for each network termination.

For the networks of other operators, the manufacturer recommends the proven OLP-88 and OLP-88P models. Technicians who own one of these devices can have it expanded by Laser Components via a software update for ZTV43 measurements.

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