Friday 3 May 2019

Simplified connectivity for the automation engineer.

Talk2M® Easy Setup is new configuration wizard within the free-of-charge VPN Client eCatcher. It only requires a USB drive or an SD card to get an Ewon® Flexy online with the Talk2M secure remote access cloud.

Ease of use and ease of maintenance have always been key for the market-leading Ewon Flexy industrial remote access router. Now HMS goes one step further with Talk2M Easy Setup which enables users to configure the network connectivity of an Ewon Flexy or Cosy with just a PC and a USB flash drive.

In Talk2M Easy Setup a new wizard guides the user through the most common internet connectivity settings. Once completed, the resulting configuration file can be saved locally on the PC, to a USB flash drive, or SD card. Finally, the storage media is plugged into the Ewon product in question, after which the router connects to the Talk2M Secure Cloud.

In addition to simplifying the initial setup process, Talk2M Easy Setup also provides an additional way for Machine Builders to support their remote deployments. Once a machine with an Ewon router included is deployed to an End User site, network settings might be different. Furthermore, local IT staff might perform a network maintenance, perhaps changing the settings needed for Flexy to provide timely remote access. This could be as simple as assigning a new Static IP address, or as complicated as installing a new proxy.

When such network changes are identified, Machine Builders can support their customers by emailing a new configuration file to the End User who can simply update the Flexy with a USB flash drive without need for a laptop, special software, or extensive support. With this feature, deployment becomes much smoother for both the Machine Builder and their customer. Talk2M Easy Setup ensures that Machine Builders and End Users can configure their key connectivity settings from anywhere and keep their Ewon Flexy’s always connected.

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