Wednesday 1 May 2019

Smaller than smallest!

The new Han® 1A, introduced by Harting, is significantly smaller than the previous ‘smallest’ rectangular industrial connector, the Han® 3A. It achieves all the benefits of a modern network a user needs and is the optimum connector solution: The Han® 1A adapts perfectly to the requirements of an ever-shrinking device world.

The Han® 1A interface fits into the smallest of spaces and is a powerful solution for screw and crimp contacts.

Despite its small dimensions, the connector offers powerful solutions for all industrial lifelines. Thanks to the simple ‘Click & Mate’ principle, users also save valuable working time during assembly.

The new interface uses black plastic housings and can be equipped with colour coding. The interface requires very little space and is extremely versatile, since it integrates contacts for data, power and signal transmission. Additionally, the flexible connection technology offers an optimum solution both for on-site installation (screw contacts) as well as the pre-assembly of separate units (crimp contacts). The combination of a few basic elements results in simple and efficient interfaces for mechanical engineering, automation, robotics, medical, energy and traffic engineering.

Typical uses of the Han® 1A include applications in which drives, sensors or other devices must be supplied with power and integrated into communications. In mechanical engineering, this connector provides the perfect solution to enable efficiently for connecting tools and smaller machine modules such as heating and cooling units, fans, control terminals, lighting systems, drives and vibration conveyors. The Han® 1A is ideal for use in traffic engineering, whilst door drives, entry-level systems, lighting, loudspeakers, screens, display panels, signal generators and much more can all be supplied by this new lightweight innovation.

The system is flexible when it comes to protection against dust and water. Only two components are required to quickly assemble an IP20 solution for use in protected areas such as the spars of machines and supply ducts. Housing elements and/or single-wire sealing mats create a water and dust-proof IP65 solution that can be used on grippers and other robotic tools in harsh industrial environments.

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