Wednesday 8 May 2019

Safety innovations in automation.

While automation continues to bring innovation and technologies that can enhance manufacturing efficiency and improve asset productivity, it is also a strong advocate for safety. In particular, worker safety is especially essential in the manufacturing and process industries, where employees are exposed to electrical, chemical or mechanical hazards. In order to help industrial organizations enhance their worker safety, has produced their 2nd safety ebook to keep the entire workforce safe.

This ebook is dedicated to promoting workplace safety strategies and new technologies. With articles and tips devoted to safety, this ebook has the tools and resources to help ensure an incident-free workplace.

Included in this edition:
  • Endress+Hauser’s step-by-step guide on conducting effective risk assessments for storage tanks: With a new edition of API 2350 expected to release in 2019, are your petroleum storage tanks ready for updates to API 2350? This article will detail the process that engineers can use to find out and address any issues.
  • Moore Industries’ deep dive into the background of Safety Instrumented Systems and what to expect from the next generation: Safety practitioners are seeing new equipment specifically designed and approved for use in Safety Instrumented Systems that utilize Electrical and/or Electronic and/or Programmable (E/E/PE) technologies. This article will explore the advances in Safety Instrumented Systems technologies.
  • nVent’s technical article on Arc Flash Safety and preventing worker injury in the electric industry: Balancing productivity and system optimization with worker safety is a challenging act that requires a disciplined approach. The damages created by an arc flash incident are preventable if safety precautions are implemented and followed.
  • Neutronics informative checklist on the safety considerations of tank blanketing processes: For readers looking to specify blanketing or inverting in their process, this article was intended to take out some of the gotchas and head scratching regarding the decision making, this guide lays out ten sections which to help develop a working specification.

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