Thursday 23 May 2019

Angled IEC C14 Power Connectors.

Schaffner has introduced a new series of locking cables for any IEC C14 application. The newest connector in the IL13 family sets a benchmark in space limited locking situations.

Its angled construction allows the connector to be used with devices standing next to a wall or in table-top applications.

The connector comes in four different orientations to cater for any assembly position of the IEC inlet where it is connected (top, down, left and right). In addition to the high variety of molded cable-connector-combinations, a rewireable connector is also available allowing development of individual cabling solutions according to customer needs. The rewireable connector is available in two versions (vertical and horizontal).

All types are usable with any standard IEC C14 inlet, locking without any additional mechanics. With the proven quality of the locking connection and the 200N typical pull out force, the new addition to the family ensures a reliable connection at all times. Even appliances that are vulnerable to vibrations can be connected in a safe way.

The cords and connectors have all the required safety approvals (UL CSA, PSE, Kema Keur, PSE and SAA), are compatible with the RoHS II (2015/863) directive and offer LSZH (low smoke zero halogen).

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