Wednesday 1 May 2019

Magnetic components development manager.

ETAL Group has appointed Philip Kind as Business Development Manager in Britain. He will leverage his 25 year sales background and impressive track record within power electronics to increase sales in growth markets such as electric vehicles, renewables, rail, oil and gas, medical and military.

Philip Kind
Humberto Salgado, Global Sales Manager at ETAL said, “Philip’s appointment is a significant step in our strategy for growth and with his strong sales experience and in-depth understanding of our industry, he is exactly the right person for the job. I’m confident he will help generate new business and build awareness of ETAL’s portfolio of custom designed products to our target industries, further strengthening our position in the UK market.

“ETAL offered me a great opportunity to join an exciting and dynamic company that is recognised globally for its outstanding quality, strong design capabilities and in-house manufacturing,” added
Philip Kind. “This new role will be an exciting challenge and I feel that I’ve joined at the perfect time to drive sales forward in 2019 and beyond.”

Philip Kind previously ran his own company Tesla Power, a technical sales agency that represented two transformer manufacturers. Prior to this he spent over 20 years in various sales positions in the power industry.

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