Friday 31 May 2019

Data acquisition system.

KiDAQ is a new, modular data acquisition system from Kistler Instruments. The modular design makes virtually unlimited channels and distributed systems a reality whatever the application; industrial, laboratory, permanent and mobile applications. Engineers have everything needed to complete any measuring task: a single integrated system that can be flexibly expanded at any time by adding more measurement modules and sensors.

The new data acquisition system can be configured to suit any application with a choice of portable and 19 inch rack housings that can accommodate up to 13 measurement modules each, and DIN Rail modules for industrial installations with any number of measurement modules and other components of a system. This flexibility allows users to configure a data acquisition system that best meets their current needs.

Using components from Kistler’s hardware, software and sensor portfolios means that, as needs change, the original system can be adapted and extended by reconfiguring the existing modules and adding others as needed. Nothing is made redundant ensuring a low cost of ownership without compromising system performance and capability.

• Kistler will be showing this system at Sensors & Instrumentation Live (25-26 September 2019)

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