Friday 24 May 2019

Rotary shaft programmable angle sensor.

Variohm EuroSensor’s new Euro-CMRS series miniature angle sensors offer programmable angles from 30⁰ to 360⁰ in 1⁰ increments in a non-contacting and long-life Hall Effect design that includes a durable IP68-sealed aluminium housing with 18 mm PCD mounting and a micro 4 mm diameter 316 stainless steel D-type shaft. Output options - from an industry standard 5 VDC input - cover CW or CCW direction with single or dual redundant angle measurement at ratiometric or PWM signal levels. With mechanical and electrical manufacturing flexibility designed-in, the Euro-CMRS can easily accommodate customised shaft and mounting modifications as well as customer specified and other industry standard output characteristics.

The non-contacting Hall Effect sensor technology, adapted and improved for the Euro-CMRS, has been well proven in earlier Variohm sensor models as a long-life and extremely robust measurement technology with many years of application success in performance test and development for motorsports as well as critical angular position feedback in automotive system technologies, industrial automation, agricultural and construction machinery.

The miniature sensor is less than 20 mm in length with a main body diameter of just 10.5 mm. Its ‘rounded diamond’ flange, measuring just 25 mm x 10.5 mm x 3.5 mm thick, includes two 3.2 mm fixing holes on an 18 mm PCD to ensure straightforward yet unobtrusive mechanical interfacing to suit space restricted installations. A 4 mm diameter D-type shaft is supported in low friction phosphor bronze sleeved bearings for a minimal drive torque requirement of just 0.8 Ncm.

The impressive Euro-CMRS is a part of the new miniature CMRx family of Hall Effect sensor types from Variohm that also includes a micro-threaded interfaced version as well as a puck and separate magnet design. All boast impressive specifications that include a working temperature range from -40° C to +125° C with short term operation to 150° C. With encapsulated sensor electronics the vibration specification meets IEC 60068-2-6. In terms of accuracy, the independent linearity through the three models is +/- 0.5% of each signal range. Standard electrical connection is 500 mm long Raychem 55 cable in three- and six-wire versions to suit single and dual channel models. Whilst the dimensions for the new CMRx miniature sensor range are the smallest currently available, their ability for straightforward design customisation and scalability is a key factor that helps ensure the customer’s installation requirements are both matched is simplified.

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