Monday 13 May 2019

Vision sensing!

The new Teledyne DALSA BOA Spot XL and XLE smart vision sensors, from Stemmer, bring great versatilty for error proofing, identification, general inspection and robotic guidance applications in manufacturing. These new models offer more features than previous models, allowing an even wider range of automated inspection and identification tasks to be performed, yet retain a highly competitive price point.

With a rich array of embedded vision tools and scripting options that allow these tools to be deployed in combination to solve simple or complex inspection tasks, BOA Spot is a vision sensor with many of the capabilities of a smart camera. This functionality has been further enhanced through the introduction of periodic and event driven scripting in the new XL and XLE models. Tools for part locating, feature finding, counting, measuring and code reading can now be linked together to createeven more flexible routines for manufacturing, error proofing, robot guidance or tracking applications.

The new XL vision sensors offer an embedded vision tool set exceeding those available on the BOA Spot EL and IDE vision sensors combined, with the QuickBarcode Direct Part Marking algorithm available on XLE version. New for the XL and XLE models is automatic reading of characters (OCR) based on a trained inference network built from Artificial Intelligence technology and an image calibration process that improves measurement accuracy by correction of perspective image distortion along with coordinate system mapping for robot guidance.

The new models are available with monochrome or colour sensors with a 640 x 480 pixel resolution, and also with a higher resolution 1280 x 960 pixel monochrome sensor. All versions are available with an integral M12 lens and ring light featuring a choice of white, blue or red LEDS. Alternatively they can be purchased with a C mount adapter and no lens, lens cover or light.

Built-in Ethernet factory communication protocols, versatile I/O for control and interfacing, flexible mounting options and a slim line form factor make them ideally suited for factory floor deployment. Further flexibility is provided through the option to upgrade existing BOA Spot models such as the EL/DIE to XL/XLE functionality.

Inspected images can be transferred to a networked drive using the FTP protocol. Easy set up is achieved via a web browser and a suite of support utilities is provided to centrally view and manage multiple cameras across a factory.

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