Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Ultra-Fast USB load cell interface.

DSCUSB-FQ Fast USB Load Cell Interface from Applied Measurements, promises high speed readings of 4800 samples per second.

The DSCUSB-FQ is an ultra-fast USB load cell interface that converts a strain gauge transducer signal to a digital USB serial output at an amazing 4800 samples per second!  Thanks to its 13 bit noise free resolution the DSCUSB-FQ promises high stability with 1 part in 8000 resolution.  Making the DSCUSB-FQ fast USB load cell interface the ultimate for high speed, dynamic applications.

The powerful toolkit software is FREE to download and connects to your DSCUSB-FQ in seconds.  The toolkit can configure, calibrate, log data and review.  It can capture and save up to 30 minutes of data at 4800 Hz which can then be saved to a CSV file for further analysis.  The logging software can provide trend charts of real-time data, FFT frequency analysis and offers a simple oscilloscope to help visual any patterns in the data.  Two point or automatic system calibrations can also be achieved in your chosen engineering units and it also allows you to select the actual engineering units that the module was calibrated in for ease of use.

As the DSCUSB-FQ fast USB load cell interface plugs directly into the USB port of your computer it makes installation quick and easy into your application.  What’s more, it needs no additional cables as it gets all its power from the USB port.  The unit comes housed in a robust plastic case rated to IP50 making it suitable for all indoor applications.

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