Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Digital charge amplifier.

Kistler's Type 5074A charge amplifier breaks new ground in industrial charge amplifier technology for the Industry 4.0 era. This unit is currently the only piezoelectric sensor amplifier on the market that offers communication based on real-time capable Industrial Ethernet. For the first time, plant and machinery manufacturers can integrate any desired piezoelectric sensors directly into a real time-capable Ethernet system to easily make settings on the measurement amplifier.

Available with one, two, three of four channels, each with a measuring range of 20 to 1,000,000 pC and integral 24 bit analog to digital conversion, allowing up to four piezoelectric sensors per unit to be connected to the digital network without additional equipment or complex and costly cabling for analog and control signals. The high performance data transmission at up to 50k samples/s per channel enables real-time transmission of measurement data with cycle times as short as 100μs, allowing critical process controls to be fully implemented.

The increasing complexity of data communications in response to the demands for process optimisation has resulted in older bus systems such as Profibus and CANbus to reach their performance limits. Industrial Ethernet is rapidly becoming the global communication standard making the switch from analog to digital mandatory for those who want to be at the forefront of these fast-moving developments. To facilitate the adoption of these new high speed and flexible communications, Kistler has developed the Type 5074A charge amplifier, an entirely new kind of solution for piezoelectric measurement data acquisition.
This innovative product is an ideal choice for monitoring and optimizing industrial manufacturing and assembly processes using all types of piezoelectric sensors.. The new amplifier brings an exceptionally wide range of measuring functions which make it the perfect partner for Industrial Ethernet in applications that call for dynamic and quasi-static measurements.

All the main Industrial Ethernet protocols, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP and ProfiNet, are available allowing set-up and configuration of each channel using a standard control programming interface.. The internal A/D signal conversion avoids disturbance variables that occur in conventional analog systems by inductive or capacitive couplings. The fast and precise measurements at up to 10,000 bus cycles per second, means that the amplifier is particularly suitable for time-critical control processes. The 5074A has an oversampling option that allows the generation of multiple measuring points per cycle with up to 50,000 measurement values per second per channel. Users can optimize network capacity utilization and increase the control performance capability by limiting the process data to the essential functions.

The 5074A is the world's only amplifier for quasi-static measurement processes with piezoelectric sensors that offers communication based on real time-capable Industrial Ethernet. Measurements can now be adapted even more specifically to the widely varying needs provided by the long list of new features: convenient settings via the control, a variable process map, an exceptionally wide measurement range and bandwidth with adjustable low-pass filters, and the switchable high-pass filter that is integrated into the hardware. The new Type 5074A signal amplifier delivers extraordinary flexibility that will meet the demands of virtually every industrial application using piezoelectric sensors. In-built data security is assured as access is only possible with the appropriate industrial communication protocol, and changes to measurement parameters can only be made with access via the master system.

Given the flexibility and functional scope that the new amplifier delivers, users will find that its costs are highly attractive, especially when compared with analog signal paths, as fewer components are needed to implement the hardware, while the use of a widely familiar standard programming environment virtually eliminates the need for special training.

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