Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Abnormal power events.

The new PQView 4 software, from Electrotek Concepts®,  provides utilities with a platform to track and identify abnormal power quality events. PQView 4 offers the most advanced approach to fault detection and characterization of power quality anomalies on the utility’s distribution system.

PQView® is a multi-component software system that builds and analyzes databases of power quality and energy measurements. It stores and quickly analyzes large quantities of power quality disturbance and steady state measurement data from thousands of utility end points. Fault analysis and location functionality in PQView is enabled via its FaultPoint® Add-In Module.

"The PQView platform is rapidly becoming the utility industry standard as it is used by large investor owned utilities and municipal utilities alike. With its new and more expansive feature set, PQView 4 can integrate with most third-party devices and data sources used by utilities to track the health of their distribution systems,” said David Ellis, President and CEO, Global Power Technology (Electrotek parent company).

Some of the new features include:

  • -Enhanced Fault Detection and Characterization Algorithms
  • -Fault Location Mapping using Eaton® CYMDIST or DNV GL Synergi Electric® Databases
  • -Updated Event Filtering
  • -Enhanced Data Log Trending
  • -New and Improved Data Handlers for Downloading Third-Party Monitors and Importing IEEE Std 1159.3 PQDIF Files
  • -New Software Development Kit and API
  • -OSIsoft® PI System® Data Federation
  • -New Fully Implemented PQView Commercial Licensing

"On average, use of the PQView reactance-to-fault methodology for fault location saves us close to one hour per feeder outage restoration job. It can also mitigate the use of capacitive discharge thumpers by providing a better starting point for the fault locating activities.” said Christopher Jones, Department Manager, System Design Distribution Engineering at Con Edison.

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