Monday, 8 January 2018

Load cell digitizer.

The compact DSC-USB interface, from Applied Measurements, is designed to convert strain gauge transducer signal into a digital output direct to the PC via the USB port. The simple ‘plug and play’ direct connection to the PC means the data can be viewed immediately on screen and the results can be logged to a CSV file for further manipulation later in any spreadsheet program, without the need for amplifiers, filters and mulitmeters.

The DSC-USB interface delivers high performance and high accuracy readings direct to the PC with no need for additional power supplies as the device is powered by the USB port.

It is ideal as a 1 to 1 interface, it can connect with multiple sensors with the use of a suitable hub, please speak to our sales team. An optional DTEMP digital temperature sensor module is available to enable an advance 5-point temperature compensation of measurements.

The DSC-USB is perfect for all strain gauge bridge based sensors including load, weight, force, torque and pressure & displacement. Once the data has been received by the PC the FREE downloadable DSC-USB Toolkit software enables configuration, calibration and logging capabilities.

For additional channels of data logging the free downloadable DSCLog24 software is available which enables up to 24 channels of data monitoring and logging.

• APPLICATION:  This unit and the Applied Measurement's DBBSM S-Beam Load cell are used in  an application to Measures Cable Tension of Light Aircraft for Calmet Laboratory Services.

Accurate S-Beam Load Cell Measures Cable Tension of Light Aircraft
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