Monday, 29 January 2018

IoT solutions to improve uptime and operational performance.

Covestro, one of the world’s largest polymer companies, has selected Emerson to provide Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to help the chemical manufacturer achieve its goals of minimising risk and improving uptime at nine high-utilisation plants. As part of the €11.30 million ($14us million), five-year contract, Emerson will provide remote monitoring and predictive maintenance to help Covestro optimise these manufacturing facilities for improved production, safety and reliability.

The Emerson programme is a tenet of Covestro’s comprehensive digitisation programme called Digital@Covestro that considers and implements new Industrial IoT strategies and operating procedures to deliver improved performance and meet defined financial targets. Covestro’s reliability programme will leverage strategies, solutions and technologies in Emerson’s Operational Certainty programme designed to help manufacturers achieve Top Quartile performance. Emerson data shows that Top Quartile companies spend half as much on maintenance compared to average performers and operate with an additional 15 days of available production each year.

Emerson will remotely monitor and maintain 40 of its DeltaV™ distributed control systems at Covestro plants in China, the United States and Germany. Remote teams at Emerson’s Innovation Centre in Austin, Texas, will monitor and provide best practices-based maintenance strategies for local Emerson teams to implement at each Covestro plant.

“By collaborating with Emerson to stay proactive about plant availability, we can drive toward always-on production and continue to satisfy customers in our high-demand market,” said Klaus Schaefer, chief technical officer, Covestro.

The Emerson-Covestro agreement reflects an emerging business model in industry, where manufacturers rely on a strategic supplier’s software solutions and deep automation expertise to monitor and execute maintenance, equipment health or energy management programmes, allowing customers to focus their attention on critical operating functions that drive plant performance.

“Covestro and Emerson have a shared focus on driving Top Quartile operational performance,” said Jamie Froedge, president of Emerson’s Process Systems and Solutions business. “Connecting Covestro’s global product manufacturing expertise with our remote and local service capabilities allows the right expert to be available, real time, to ensure reliable operations.”

This global reliability programme is the result of a long-term strategic relationship between Emerson and Covestro. In 2015, the two organisations embarked on a 17-system pilot programme with Emerson’s lifecycle services, including Guardian™ Support and DeltaV System Health Monitoring Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that resulted in higher plant utilisation and a clear return on investment.

Covestro is the global leader in polyurethane, polycarbonates, and raw materials for premium coatings, adhesives, and sealants used in every aspect of modern life from mattresses and building insulation to cosmetics and cell phones.

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