Thursday, 11 January 2018

Secure Remote Access for Dummies.

HMS Industrial Networks has released the book “Secure Remote Access for Industrial Machines for Dummies,” eWON® Special Edition.

After-sales service and support for industrial machines are costly and time-consuming. Experienced engineers and technicians travel to customer sites to diagnose issues, answer questions, provide training, and resolve problems. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to quickly and securely perform diagnostics and resolve most of those issues remotely?

This is underlying theme for the book “Secure Remote Access for Industrial Machines for Dummies,” from HMS Industrial Networks.

The book describes how eWON products from HMS work and how they allow readers to:
  • Learn the business benefits of remote access
  • See how to ensure secure access via the Internet and clouds
  • Understand how to can diagnose and solve problems remotely
The target audience for this book are automation engineers or field technicians working for a machine builder or original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s). With a strong understanding of the machines that they build or support, they are not necessarily as comfortable with new technologies such as cloud computing, remote access, information security and how Internet works in general. The book addresses these topics and more, and is written primarily for “non-techie” readers.

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