Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Ambitious plans for Irish instrument manufacturer.

Eurolec Instrumentation has enjoyed significant investment in equipment, infrastructure and marketing following on from a successful buyout by Scientific Measurements Pte Ltd in 2017 (see Irish instrument company acquired April 2017),

More than €57000 (£50,000+) was ploughed into the growth of the temperature and pressure instrumentation manufacturer at the end of last year, which has already produced dividends with an extended distributor network and increased international sales.

Eurolec is now represented in more than 20 territories globally and its Ireland-based lab has been technologically enhanced increasing Eurolec's overall capacity for precision calibration certification and product service requirements.

Managing Director Chris Mears said: "2017 was a very exciting year for Eurolec but it looks like that is going to be exceeded by further improvements and progress in 2018.

"Thanks to the investment and support by Scientific Measurements we have been able to introduce Eurolec's first five-year warranty which has boosted interest in our portable thermometers and probes, particularly within the highly competitive HACCP and food markets."

He added: "We also have new product development well under way, together with further enhancement to our existing product range across portable thermometers, manometers and temperature calibration sources.

"Our established portable thermometer (TH & PC Temp series) and manometer (PR and PC mano series) portables have already been restyled and have received something of a makeover in advance of new ranges to be announced in the near future.

"Investment in new reference instrumentation in Eurolec's calibration laboratory has also resulted in an improved temperature calibration service from the company with stated uncertainties of measurement now as low as ± 0.03°C."

Eurolec is also the official Britain and Ireland distributor for the Ono Sokki range of specialised engine tachometers, FFT analysers, rotary encoders and linear gauges with further announcements due shortly on developments in this promising sector.

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