Thursday, 23 November 2017

Load cell for harsh conditions.

The new DBBSUB s-beam load cell from Applied Measurements, is guaranteed to measure tension and compression in continuous submersion in potable water to depths of up to 10 metres / 1 bar. Its IP68 long-term immersion sealing and rugged stainless steel body makes it is ideal to use in many submersible applications.

This load cell has a glass-to-metal seal construction providing a complete hermetic sealing. This hermetic sealing guarantees its safe performance in highly aggressive environments whilst still maintaining its high ±0.02 % accuracy.

Robert Davies, Applied Measurements’ Production Director says, “The DBBSUB S-beam permanently submersible load cell is the perfect choice for tension and compression loading in many underwater, offshore and harsh industrial environments.”

Applied Measurements’ specially designed rod end bearings and fixtures deliver optimum accuracy of the load cell by directing the tensile force through the centre of the load cell which reduces any unrelated forces.

Their wide range of mounting bases and fixtures make installation into your application fast and easy, without the worry of lengthy time consuming delays and expensive setup costs.

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