Monday, 13 November 2017

Ensuring quality of domestic appliances.

Manufacturers of large household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and freezers have to constantly monitor the energy efficiency of their products during production. These days, the focus is on energy consumption as well as pollution of the main supply by current and voltage harmonics. Exact measurements avoid rejected goods and thus lower production costs.

Staying marketable
To ensure that products stay marketable, measurements need to be carried out in a straightforward and cost-effective manner in the development phase, during production and in final test. The APLUS from Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG is a complete device that fulfils these requirements. The APLUS is designed to perform measurements on three phases even with different loads on the conductors. So this efficient device can be used to test three products simultaneously. This immediately reduces by two-thirds the space needed in the test stations and the cost of purchasing measurement devices.

Efficient accurate and durable
The APLUS is suitable for measuring power consumption, ranging from more than 500 W when the household appliance is in operating mode, down to a target consumption of less than 1 W in standby mode. The measurement data provide a clear indication of whether the product is in compliance with the energy consumption requirements. Faulty devices can thus be detected while they are still in the production phase. The APLUS has a significant price advantage compared to DIN IEC 62301-compliant measurement instruments, while still delivering 0.1% accuracy in voltage and current measurements and 0.2% accuracy in power measurements.

The efficiency of the measurement device (besides its three-phase measurement capability) can be further enhanced by means of individual parameter settings. Measurement data can be captured in a straightforward manner during the various production phases.

Companion software
The CB Manager software from Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG can be used to parameterize several devices locally in a straightforward manner. CB Manager can be used to easily create visualizations, simulations as well as utility functions.

Multifunctional - worldwide
Daniel Wehrli, Regional Sales Director for Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG, is familiar with every detail of the APLUS measurement device and the application possibilities it offers. "With its automatic scaling function, the APLUS guarantees outstanding accuracy for both large and small measurement ranges. The measurement times can be set individually and our customers can test their products according to their specifications. The configuration of the APLUS is quick and easy to manage so the device is equally suitable in the development phase, quality control and final test."

Feixang Luo, Manager for Quality Assurance at BSH Hausgeräte has deployed the APLUS in their China factory: “The "Messenger" satisfies all our requirements, for example when testing our refrigerators and freezers. In comparison to the devices generally used, it is much more cost-effective and nevertheless very accurate, has stable operation and it also makes a good visual impression.“

• Camille Bauer Metrawatt products are marketed in Ireland through Irish Power and Process Ltd.

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