Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Partners in reporting & dashboards!

WellinTech has joined the Dream Report Proven Partner Program and is recommending Dream Report as a solution for reports and dashboards.

WellinTech, makers of KingSCADA, is a leading supplier of HMI/SCADA technology in China and other parts of the world. As a member of the Dream Report Proven Partner Program, WellinTech customers will benefit by having a jointly endorsed solution for compliance, performance and ad-hoc; reports, dashboards and data troubleshooting interfaces.

“We have tested Dream Report OPC DA connectivity with KingView," explained Roy Kok, VP Sales and Marketing for Ocean Data Systems. “Dream Report offers the ability to acquire data from KingView and store that data for future reporting. The OPC DA interface also enables Dream Report to monitor events for batch reporting, alarm reporting and triggers from any other SCADA event. As our relationship matures and customers benefit from the value of Dream Report, we will expand our connectivity to WellinTech products, specifically KingHistorian.”

“Dream Report is the leading industrial report solution on the market and we see customers that would like to integrate data from many data sources, including KingSCADA into one report or dashboard,” explained Li Heng(Eric), Sales manager of overseas department at WellinTech. “With their broad base of vendor partnerships and over 80 proprietary, industrial standard and business standard interfaces, they are a natural partner for us and we are happy to be integrated with their Proven Partner Program.”

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