Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Amplifiers for universal and fieldbus sensor data acquisition.

Recently announced by Burster the new 9250 and 9251 series amplifier module and bus controller bring new levels of flexibility to sensor data acquisition. These products are available in Britain from Ixthus Instrumentation.

Burster’s 9250 sensor amplifier is manufacturer independent and suitable for single or combined measurement of bridge, potentiometer, voltage and digital transducers for force, pressure, displacement, rotational speed, and torque etc. Notable features include automatic sensor recognition and fast pushbutton set-up for simple commissioning with up to two real-time signals/limit switches per amplifier module. The 9251 bus controller supports synchronous export of up to 8 modules/measurement channels. The module also provides Ethernet based fieldbuses including PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP over I/O interface – facilitating sensor data transmission to PLCs and other machine controllers where they can be combined, monitored and linked efficiently to other processes.

Many additional features optimise the use and versatility of the range including editable configuration and adjustable cut-off frequency using Burster’s DigiVision PC software via an integral USB port where full measurement data export is also available. A Tare facility via pushbutton or I/O signals is also provided.

The compact design perfectly suits DIN rail cabinet mounting and the combined amplifier module and bus controller system is easily integrated and provides a scalable solution for existing or new instrumentation setups.

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