Tuesday, 28 November 2017

A smart collaboration.

Copa-Data is inviting plant managers and engineers to register for its upcoming webinar ‘Smart Factory solutions with Copa-Data and Microsoft Azure’. The webinar, created in collaboration with Microsoft, will be held on 7 December 2017 at 10am. Participants are invited to register for the free smart factory webinar in advance via the COPA-DATA website.

zenon, their industrial automation software, provides seamless integration with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. In fact, the company was named 2017 Microsoft Partner of the Year in the ’Internet of Things’ category. The webinar will be hosted by Lee Sullivan, Regional Manager at Copa-Data UK and expert in zenon implementation. Sullivan will discuss how ambitions of a smart factory can be made a reality by combining zenon and Microsoft Azure.

The webinar is recommended for existing zenon customers, plant managers and engineers curious about the potential of the software for smart factory implementation. It will explain how manufacturing intelligence, such as predictive analytics and preventative maintenance, can be easily achieved with the collaboration of these two systems.

“Storing manufacturing data in the cloud allows organisations to access their information anywhere at any time — which means that they don’t need to eat away at their own infrastructure,” explained Lee Sullivan. “That said, the integration of Azure and zenon can provide a greater benefit than simply saving on-premises storage.

“In the webinar on December 7, we will demonstrate how effective supply chain management, global benchmarking and real-time key performance indicator (KPI) calculations can be put into practice using the combination of this technology.”

• Copa-Data has been an active member of the Microsoft Partner Network since 2005. Its software, zenon, is based on Microsoft’s latest technology, so data collected by the system can be easily integrated into the Azure cloud platform.

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