Thursday, 5 October 2017

Partnership formalises complementary skill set.

ProComSol has formed strategic and business partnership with Smart Embedded Systems located in Silicon Valley, USA. Smart Embedded Systems (SES) has developed a firmware based HART PSK (9600/1200 BPS) and FSK (1200 BPS) modem to complement their HART 7 compliant communication stack.

According to Jeffrey Dobos, President of ProComSol, Ltd, “Our companies have worked together on a number of projects and it became clear that we have a complementary skill set. A partnership made sense and will provide many benefits to the HART market. SES’s offering of the industry first firmware HART modem combined with certified HART stack will allow the end customers to offer cost effective and full turn-key solutions.”

ProComSol brings over 10 years’ experience developing and marketing HART technology to the process industry. By utilizing this expertise, ProComSol and SES can concentrate on helping customers integrate the stack and modem into their instruments. According to Baldev Krishan Ph.D., CEO of SES, “We are very excited about the opportunity to work with ProComSol as the combined skills and expertise of both companies will bring optimum communication solutions to the process automation industry.”

The SES HART firmware modem (Soft modem) and HART 7 stack help instrument developers in many ways. Benefits include faster development time, lower development cost, smaller component footprint, lower power needs, and easy upgrades.

Additionally, the PSK soft modem communicates at 9600 baud. This is 8 times faster than the traditional 1200 baud FSK HART modem. End users would appreciate faster device commission times, and faster PV and status updates. With the SES Soft Modem, Instrument developers can now easily implement both PSK and FSK communications in the same instrument.

The partnership will allow instrument manufacturers to receive excellent and timely technical support in developing HART capabilities for their instruments.

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