Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Stainless steel housed converters.

Signal converters IFC 100 and MAC 100 as well as SMARTMAC 200 operating unit are now available in stainless steel housing from Krohne. Mainly targeted at applications in the food and beverage industry, they can be also used where high corrosion resistance is demanded, e.g. in salty environments.

Offering an alternative to the standard aluminum housing, the new stainless steel housing is “hygienic by design” without pooling or harborage areas where contamination buildup could occur. It features a non-glass display to comply with zoning criteria in food and beverage applications, 2 mm/ 5/64" thick 1.4404/316L stainless steel for superior strength, and ingress protection classes IP66/67/69.

IFC 100, MAC 100 and SMARTMAC 200 are based on the same platform, sharing the same HMI and housing options:

IFC 100 is a signal converter for electromagnetic flowmeters in standard hygienic applications. Typically combined with hygienic OPTIFLUX 6000 flow sensor, the new stainless steel housing option offers a cost-effective alternative to the higher positioned IFC 300.

MAC 100 is a signal converter for OPTISENS analytical sensors, e.g. for hygienic conductivity sensors OPTISENS IND 7000 and OPTISENS COND 7200.

SMARTMAC 200 is an operating unit for configuration and calibration of SMARTPAT analytical sensors that feature an integrated transmitter, e.g. hygienic sensors SMARTPAT PH 8570 and SMARTPAT COND 7200.

• Krohne products are marketed in Ireland by DWN Instrumentation.

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