Friday, 13 October 2017

Award for automation platform with intrinsic cybersecurity.

Bedrock Automation has won Chemical Processing magazine’s Vaaler Award for the BedrockTM Open Secure AutomationTM system — the first universal industrial control system to be designed with intrinsic cyber security. Bedrock was one of only two winners in the prestigious award, which is offered only once every two years.

“We established the Vaaler Awards in 1964 to recognize products that promise significant improvement in chemical plant operations and economics. Our panel of impartial judges selected the Bedrock control system because it addresses both operational and economic issues by offering a system with cyber security built-in to its electronics. We congratulate the whole Bedrock team,” said Mark Rosenzweig, Chemical Processing’s Editor-In-Chief.

The award honors John C. Vaaler, chairman of Chemical Processing’s editorial board from 1961 until his death on 1963. This year’s judges represented engineering, safety and sustainability experts from some of the world’s leading chemical companies. They selected the Bedrock Open Secure Automation system, based on its technical significance, uniqueness and breadth of applicability.

Unlike mainstream automation control designers, whose systems are based on fundamental architectures implemented before cyber security was an issue, Bedrock designers started their cyber security solution with a clean sheet of paper. The resulting control and I/O architecture features a pin-less electromagnetic I/O backplane, deeply embedded cyber security and computational power surpassing conventional PLC, RTU or DCS systems.

“We are very honored to have been recognized for our efforts to bring a much needed, simple, scalable and secure control system to market. We are especially gratified to have been selected by a panel of judges representing some of the world’s most respected chemical companies,” said Bedrock Founder and CEO Albert Rooyakkers.

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