Wednesday 4 October 2017

Finding and fixing difficult-to-detect software bugs quickly!

Ashling Microsystems has just announced a new debug probe for NXP’s SmartMX3 secure microcontroller platform. This high performance probe supports the development of applications and operating-systems for security controller ICs which can involve substantial amounts of complex software.

Ashling’s SmartMRK3-EPK is a USB2.0 based real-time debug probe. It provides engineers developing eGovernment, banking, payment and access management applications with a powerful solution to debug code executing on NXP SmartMX3 P71 security controller ICs. The SmartMRK3-EPK behaves like the target security controller containing the actual ROM-code. It is available with an ISO7816 smart card format interface connection.

SmartMRK3-EPK features:
  • Used with NXP Smart Card Composer IDE - Debug application code executing in real-time in an NXP SmartMX3 P71 device
  • Support for all SmartMX3 P71 family devices - NXP SMD IC device ensures accurate P71 emulation from both a hardware and software perspective
  • Contact and contactless card-reader interfacing - Supports Voltage Classes A, B and C
  • Standalone battery-backed operation

Commenting on the product launch, Hugh O’Keeffe, Engineering Director at Ashling Microsystems, said “SmartMRK3-EPK coupled with NXP’s Smart Card Composer IDE, provides the ability to debug application code executing in real-time and is critical for finding and fixing difficult-to-detect software bugs quickly.”

NXP’s SmartMX3 products build on the proven and reliable IntegralSecurity architecture, which demonstrates worldwide interoperability and standard compliance. The 3rd generation of NXP’s SmartMX microcontroller family delivers exceptionally high security, flexible memory usage, and outstanding performance across all applications.

SmartMX products have been used in more than 100 countries, for EMV payment cards and eGovernment solutions, and more than 6 billion SmartMX ICs have shipped. The SmartMX microcontroller family is the leading choice for secure applications, including ePassports, eIDs, eHealthcards, eDriver’s licenses, access management, and payment.

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