Wednesday 27 September 2017

Gas leak detectors.

Ashtead Technology has been appointed as the preferred distributor and rental partner for the GES Gas-Tec (Mk4 & Mk5) FID Hydrocarbon Gas Detectors.

We are delighted with this partnership agreement,” says Matthew Herrick, General Manager at GES. “Ashtead Technology selects the best products for its instrumentation fleet and has a reputation for the highest levels of service, so we believe that Ashtead is the ideal company to sell and rent the Gas-Tec products.”

Incorporating an FID, the Gas-Tec instruments respond to almost all volatile hydrocarbons which makes them ideal for leak detection including natural gas surveys, landfill surveys, contaminated land, environmental surveys and methane sniffing.

Lightweight, rugged and portable, the Mk5 has an internal battery that will run for 22 hours from a single charge, and the unit’s small 400ml hydrogen bottle is sufficient for 45 hours of operation. With the ability to log 21 million entries over a 700 day period combined with satellite GPS, the Mk5 is able to automatically assign latitude, longitude and sea level to all data readings enabling the user to pinpoint any areas requiring further investigation – in addition to demonstrating traceability, confirming that the survey has been conducted.

“The Mk5 is the latest in a line of FIDs that have dominated the market for many years,” comments Ashtead Technology’s Josh Thomas. “By incorporating GPS and datalogging, results are automatically linked with the monitoring location when they are transferred to a PC and viewed in Google Maps. Both versions are available for purchase, but renting would be the better solution for anyone with an occasional or project-specific requirement for methane or VOC monitoring. This is because the instruments are easy to use and delivered pre-calibrated, so they can be deployed immediately after delivery.

“The addition of the Gas-Tec FID range to our product portfolio is yet another example of our determination to offer customers a flexible choice of technologies and financial packages to meet their specific needs.”

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