Friday 22 September 2017

Cloud based SHM packages!

HBM has announced its capabilities of offering complete customised, end to end cloud-based structural health monitoring (SHM) packages. The packages include all associated hardware, software, installation, and monitoring requirements, along with cloud-based data access for each customer.

Listed as one of the top 5 key players in the structural health monitoring market for North America and Europe, in a report published by the world’s largest market research store, ‘Research and Markets’, HBM offers cloud-based SHM packages which ensures around the clock wireless access to data relevant to the structural health of transport infrastructures such as bridges and tunnels. All transport structures can experience wear due to a number of factors including deterioration, incorrect construction processes, lack of quality control, accidents or even the environmental load. Observing, recording, processing and then evaluating measurements recorded via HBM’s SHM solution can detect structural changes, damage and critical stress conditions at an early stage. Early detection allows the customer to react in a proper way thereby guaranteeing the functional capability and continued safe operations of these structures before any serious damage is caused.

Customized packages include sensors, measuring amplifiers, the data acquisition software, data transmission and analysis reports. This complete package of consulting, delivery and project management, installation and integration, maintenance and operation of the measuring system, as well as the provision of information, is indispensible to ensuring the successful use of a structural health monitoring system. HBM’s expertise in the test and measurement industry naturally complements their new SHM package, allowing users to freely select technologies that best fit their respective measurement tasks.

All data collected is available wirelessly to customers accessed via the HBM Cloud. Depending on the project and customer requirements, information like dynamic variables such as natural frequencies, attenuation levels or traffic loads, axle loads, as well as static parameters such as misalignment, change in deflection, stresses and limit values are all recorded and stored. Cloud storage eliminates the need for a dedicated server for data collection and analysis. Furthermore through the use of Microsoft Azure, HBM’s cloud partner, the highest security is ensured.

Measurement data alone is not sufficient in today’s market. Data transmission, automatic alarms and analysis, comprehensive logs as well as remote diagnostics and control are indispensible for operating monitoring systems. Whether it is a complex company network or a stand-alone solution, HBM is able to provide a customised SHM package, designed to suit individual customer requirements.

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