Thursday 7 September 2017

Extreme switchgear and sensors.

Dusts! They are abrasive, like cement dust and sand; they are corrosive, like fertilisers; or they are explosive, like all organic dusts. The characteristics of dusts often make high demands on the design of any switchgear they come into contact with. And as if this were not enough, the plants where these substances are handled are often located outdoors, where damp and extreme temperatures pose additional challenges to electric components. Last but not least, switching devices in these environments are often treated roughly, without due care and attention.

With all this in mind, the steute business unit "Extreme" develops and produces robust and durable switchgear.

Two recent additions to steute's "Extreme" range are the Ex 97 and the Ex 99 position switch series with standard dimensions to DIN EN 50047 and DIN EN 50041. They are anti-corrosive, dust-proof and extremely impact-resistant. They can be used in dust Ex zones 21 and 22, as well as gas Ex zones 1 and 2. Another special feature is their suitability for use in subzero temperatures down to -60°C. A typical application for such switchgear is the position monitoring of access doors and maintenance flaps, or the limit stop of travelling parts on machines for handling bulk goods.

As an alternative to electromechanical switchgear, steute also produces Ex RC M 20 KST cylindrical magnetic sensors, which are made from impact-resistant plastic and which also display truly Extreme characteristics. For example, they work reliably in temperatures down to -60°C and yet are still able to pass the 7-Joule impact test required by the Ex standards authorities. And because they are perfectly sealed, they are extremely durable, even in very dusty environments.

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