Tuesday 12 September 2017

Communicator app for HART.

The first iOS based Smart Device Communicator Application for HART instruments has been announced by ProComSol. The App uses the Device Descriptor (DD) for the connected HART device so the user has full access to every Parameter and Method in the device.

Jeffrey Dobos, President of ProComSol says, “When our DevComDroid App for Android was released in 2014, we immediately received requests for an iOS version. It is now here. The power and convenience of small, powerful, and readily available mobile devices can now be applied to work on HART devices. With just a few swipes of your finger, on hardware that can fit in your pocket, full HART device configuration is now available using your Apple devices.”

The iOS App (DevCom.iOS), in combination with a Bluetooth Low Energy HART modem, is a full functioned HART Communicator. The entire DD Library from the FieldComm Group is provided. New DD’s can be added very simply by the user. A HART communicator that uses DD’s can perform full configurations of Valves, Multi-Variable devices, and complex devices such as Radar Level and Coriolis Flow meters.

The Bluetooth Low Energy wireless interface between the HART modem and iOS device provides user safety and comfort. There are no wires to tangle or trip over.

DevCom.iOS allows the user to view and edit device parameters and even save all the device parameters as a PDF file. The PDF file can then be shared with anyone in the world via the mobile network connections available to an iOS device. Saving and sharing HART device configurations is now faster and more convenient.

The App is available on the Apple App store as a free 10 day trial. After 10 days, an in-app purchase is required to activate the App permanently. The HM-BLE HART Modems are available directly from ProComSol or authorized distributors.

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