Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Highlighted at Maintenance show!

The MCP Consulting Group are to launch six major cost reduction and business enhancement services at at Maintec 2017 in Birmingham (GB) - 21-23 March 2017.

Aimed at helping businesses take the first step to implementing an effective and sustainable cost saving strategy by exploiting new technologies, their drive efficiencies and increase profits by pinpointing what’s holding it back.

OPEX: Operational Performance Excellence Programme. OPEX is guaranteed to give an investment return of at least 5:1 within 12 months through benchmarking and supporting the manufacturing improvement process and people performance.

APEX: Asset Performance Excellence. A revolutionary 12-week programme which will achieve OEE increases of >20%, through production wide audit and analysis, with practical benefits from Week 1.

Reliability Improvement Programme: MCP has developed a proven methodology for improving an asset’s reliability, which has often led to the worst performing asset quickly becoming the best performing asset. This leads to improvements not only in uptime but reduced annual maintenance costs.

LEAN Manufacturing Performance: Lean encompasses a range of tools and techniques aimed at identifying and eliminating non-value adding activities.

SmartStores™. The key to ‘freeing the store room’ is inventory control and MCP’s new, near-field RFID reader enables staff to allocate parts through one touch as well improving inventory management.

SmartStores™ Programme. Often delivered in conjunction with MCP’s new near-field RFID reader, this has been developed to provide business with the tools and support to reduce their inventory, increase service levels and reduce equipment downtime.

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