Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Competitive advantage for full-service EMS provider.

The latest customer to integrate the Aegis Software’s FactoryLogix® manufacturing execution software (MES) is ROB Cemtrex GmbH, a full-service EMS provider headquartered in Neulingen, Germany.

With a broad offer that includes hardware and software design and development, electronics assembly and test, and design and production of cable assemblies, ROB Cemtrex provides customers a comprehensive electronic systems solution. Building on its successful history, the company’s ambitious plans for growth prompted its search for a highly-capable MES system to streamline operations, and provide robust, real-time data analysis for internal and external stakeholders.

“We serve customers in high-quality, high-reliability sectors such as automotive, medical, automation and security,” comments Francesco di Sabatino, Head of Production and Process Engineering. “The addition of FactoryLogix to our operations will help us dramatically improve efficiency by eliminating manual data logging and analysis. This saves time, ensures accuracy, improves quality and makes our company even more competitive.”

Aegis’s FactoryLogix enjoys an installed base of over 1700 manufacturers worldwide – and counting. Its unique, modular design allows electronics specialists to select one or many of its components for a customized solution with a range of module options including NPI, logistics, production, analytics, integration and devices. Designed to adapt to and improve manufacturing operations, FactoryLogix helps manufacturers meet demanding production timescales while ensuring exceptionally high quality. The FactoryLogix solution for ROB Cemtrex includes NPI, production, logistics and analytics modules.

“Our team also appreciated the cost and benchmarking performance transparency provided by Aegis,” says Sabatino, noting this as a differentiator for FactoryLogix. “We knew the up-front investment; the system is standardized and there are no surprises when it comes to the price/performance equation. This isn’t the case with all MES providers. For the FactoryLogix modules we’ve implemented thus far, we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

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