Thursday, 2 March 2017

Pan and tilt positioners.

One of the many capabilities of systems integrator, SystemWare Europe, involves the supply and comprehensive support of line of sight/beyond line of sight secure communications requiring the integration of innovative antenna systems with highly accurate directional azimuth/elevation positioning equipment.

Evolving requirements and a need for newer modular technology, SystemWare Europe turned to motion specialist Heason Technology to design and develop a high-performance custom-designed pan & tilt positioner solution which was optimised for its own use

Following a detailed requirement analysis and prototyping phase, Heason’s motion engineering team presented a new bespoke positioning platform complete with integral motion controls which enabled SystemWare to enhance its product offering with an improved and cost-effective solution.

The Atlas Platform is a durable and high-load capacity pan & tilt positioner housed in a robust IP67- rated cast aluminium environmental enclosure that suits harsh environment fixed or mobile installation. The dual axis drive system features micro-stepped hybrid stepper motors driving single stage, zero backlash gear systems. Its unique high reduction ratio gear configuration and rotary joint allows RF and electrical services to pass through the centre of the continuously rotating azimuth platform transmission to provide power, IO, RF and Ethernet communications for the assembly and its payload sensor. The elevation axis has a travel range +/- 95⁰, and both axes include high resolution absolute encoder technology directly at the output stage to provide highly repeatable angular performance capability with instant power-on awareness without datum routines.

With on-board intelligent micro-stepping drive modules providing full closed-loop position control and high bandwidth communication, the Atlas Platform’s peak torque capacity of over 270 Nm will precisely and rapidly position demanding payloads for a wide range of applications.

Heason Technology will manufacture the Atlas Platform on an exclusive basis for SystemWare Europe. This application demonstrates the West Sussex based motion systems integrator’s expertise in the design and build of mechatronic motion control sub-assemblies as part of the enabling technology for aerospace & defence, security, medical, scientific, and industrial automation markets. In addition to a full motion component supply service, Heason Technology combines motion control components and systems from a select number of globally recognised supplier partnerships with its own in-house design and build service.

With over 30 years of motion control experience and engineer-to-engineer sales & technical support from the first enquiry through the full product or motion system lifecycle, Heason’s product range includes servo and stepper motor drives and motion controls with ceramic, direct drive and traditional motor technologies, precision gear units, precision linear and rotary positioning stages, linear and rotary encoders, rotary actuators and slip ring assemblies.

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