Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Sealing bags!

Novuqare the med-tech instrument innovator, has developed a range of bag sealing machines for medical instruments that use specially modified ZEMIC miniature load cells to precisely measure sealing force. As an intrinsic part of the sterilisation process, the award winning ProSeal perfectly seals the instruments in special pouches in preparation for autoclave sterilisation.

The EN-ISO 11607-2 validated ProSeal range is being increasingly used in is used in hospitals, dentists, clinics and veterinary practises.

ZEMIC (represented in Britain by Variohm EuroSensor), worked closely with Novuqare, supplying prototypes and full series production versions of a custom adapted 1B-S miniature load cell. The IB-S is more commonly found in portable scales and laboratory balances where its lightweight aluminium housing combines with a well proven semiconductor strain gauge sensing element for 0.03% full scale accuracy and load capacity ratings from 5 kg to 70kg.

The company is one of the world’s largest sensor and transducer manufacturers with a comprehensive product range that includes single point or platform cells, compression cells, S-type, shear beam and dual shear beam load cells as well as spoke type designs. Load capacities ranging from a few hundred grams to over 500 Tons are available for applications as diverse as pricing scales to weighbridge platforms and from in-vehicle weighing systems to hopper scales. ZEMIC has several product lines with OIML-R60 'legal-for-trade' approval.

Variohm EuroSensor supports the full ZEMIC range with comprehensive technical support and service with stock delivery available for standard load cells as well as a custom design/modification capability and integration with other Variohm sensor technologies.

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